What can you say about
a guy like Jerry?

A lot as a matter of fact.

Jerry West is kind of a rockstar in the SEO, SEM and affiliate marketing industries, and for good reason. He doesn’t fall prey to every new trend, rumor or “secret” to come down the pike. Nope, Jerry doesn’t like to blow in the wind.

He prefers the real stuff.

Data. Jerry’s had over 800 test domains working at his disposal to give real, valuable, trustworthy, hard facts on what’s working (and what’s not..) in just about every possible market you can think of.

Oh yeah, and he also flies Russian fighter jets in his spare time. Pulling 7Gs while flying inverted over the coastline is just the kind of badassery you want access to.

Did I also mention he's been doing this shit (SEO) since 1996? And that's not the half of it...


And he’s been doing it (testing) since wayyyyy back in 1989.

Starting out as a software tester for WordPerfect (do you even remember WordPerfect??) and Novel, Jerry acquired the skills that would let him crack the codes and search algorithms that lead him into the bright shiny world of SEO.

In 1996 he started his very first company, West Web Design. Just three short years later he was the Director of Marketing for Netgateway, an early eCommerce provider who, sadly, didn’t make it through the “dot-com crash” in the year 2000.

Jerry didn’t fare much better. After heroically helping take the company public on the NASDAQ in 1999… Jerry’s job went out with a bang when the company had to throw all the high priced employees overboard when the stock price plummeted.


Not one to sit on his laurels and just wait for something to happen, so he got off his ass and put his skills to work consulting for some of the top companies in the Fortune 1000…

AT&T, Sun Microsystems, Monster.com, Tupperware, General Electric, Psion Techlogix, Retired.com, Lower My Bills and a whole lot more.

Jerry started to emerge as THE “go to guy” for mid-sized companies to use his ninja-like search engine techniques to steal market share from large companies… and often forcing an acquisition.

About that time someone realized that Jerry was really good on stage in front of people, so he started speaking at conferences sharing his wisdom with the masses.

He is currently the featured speaker at Ungagged and was a featured speaker at PubCon from 2008-2013, was on stage at the Ultra Advanced Symposium series in Las Vegas, Vancouver, and Toronto from 2004-2006 and was on the Organic SEO panel at Search Engine Strategies San Jose in 2008. (With a boatload of engineers from Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft. Aww yeah.)

Jerry was also a faculty member of Stompernet from 2007-2009… but at this point, who wasn’t?

Jerry’s reputation continues to grow for one reason and one reason alone.

His stuff works… period.

No hype, no fear, no guesswork, no B.S. Just maniacal testing, re-testing, and more testing.  That’s how he rolls. When he’s not testing yet another strategy or technique… You’ll find Jerry out snowboarding, mountain biking or paddle boarding listening to the sounds of Van Halen, Queensryche or UFO,  somewhere in the wilds of western North Carolina where he currently lives.
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  • Started offering web design and SEO services in 1996.
  • Professional speaker on SEO and online marketing methods since 2003.
  • Produced over $28M in sales for the weight loss company Medifast as their top affiliate from 2009-2012.
  • Has hundreds of domains in his testing domains so he knows what works and what doesn't based on testing.
  • Software tester for WordPerfect and Novel back in the 80s and 90s.
  • Consulted for and/or did the online marketing for: AT&T, Sun Microsystems, Monster.com, Tupperware, General Electric, Psion Techlogix, Retired.com, Lower My Bills and a whole lot more. Heck, you can include the Mormon Church in there too. That's a story you need to hear in person.
  • Created software and scripts to automate tasks to take advantage of.
  • Ensures his sites and clients are marketing with the right message, to drive the right traffic, and have the right calls to action to produce maximum revenue.