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Adulting Isn’t That Hard

Stop being a terrible human and avoiding that difficult conversation with your significant other or your business partner that you are unhappy.

What follows next is usually bad decisions, self-sabotage, and a complete dumpster fire formally known as your successful life.

Look, I’ve been through two nasty divorces and a horrendous break up, and I’ll tell you that all three could have been avoided had a difficult, but necessary, adult conversation taken place.

If you’re not happy, tell your partner. Be mature. Talk it out. Leave emotion out of it. Figure out a solution.

If not, you can part ways on good terms instead of getting caught trolling 20-something bartenders on Instagram.

Man up (even if you’re a woman) and show respect to your partner by bringing up your issues and seeking out a resolution. And then get your butt into therapy and work on being the best person you can be.

There’s no shame in asking for help. I go every week and it is the key to my success.

Rock on.

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