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Being A Parent is Hard

Parenting is hard

Being a parent is hard. Tremendously hard.

With all due respect to parents, being a single parent is harder. I mean, simple math proves that, right?

If you’ve had moments when you wanted to scream and pull your hair out, you’re not alone. It’s normal. It’s okay.

If you’ve ever heard your child say, “It’s not fair,” that is the opening for a great teaching moment. One that you could probably use too.

Because life isn’t fair.

“The only time you should look into your neighbor’s bowl is to make sure they have enough, not to check to see if they have more than you.”

Words of wisdom from Louis CK.

The attached clip shows Louie epically failing at explaining the lesson to his young daughter while giving into her with a treat.

We’ve all been there at one time or another, caving because we are just so darn tired, but the truth remains:

Life Isn’t Fair.

This week pay special attention to how you react to certain situations. Have more compassion for others, do a Random Act of Kindness (RAK), and be the example you have always wanted to see.

And the best thing you can do as a parent is to SHOW through your actions to your children how love, compassion, and understanding will make your home a better place which can then spread outside the walls of your home.

And it matters little if your child is 4 or 44, as the lesson of looking out for the welfare of others is one of the best lessons you can teach.

So teach it daily.

Rock on.

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