Gaming or Sex: What’s Your Choice?!?!

I don’t want to know what you would choose … but making you laugh opens you up to sage business advice, so here you go… WRITING DOESN’T HAVE TO SUCK Great writers and copywriters aren’t born, they are created and forged according to David Ogilvy. The habits I have as a copywriter are things I have stolen from others and modified them to my liking. So feel free to steal mine and make your own modifications so you can kick ass too. It’s not that hard. Just do this… I don’t write in an office. Never have and never will. Offices are stuffy and full of distractions. It isn’t just…

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Colin Theriot: The Marketing Masterpiece

If you aren’t a member of Colin Theriot’s Facebook Group, The Cult of Copy, get your ass in there. I knew Colin when he didn’t have a beard. Just a baby. But always a badass copywriter. Colin understood that life isn’t that complicated, and neither is your business. This is brilliant advice from Colin:[Business advice for my business friends] Here is a brief list of advice that you could pay a “coach” a lot of money to tell you. Or you can just read it here and fill in the blanks yourself. Enjoy and prosper. Raise your prices.Stop doing business with shit customers.Go after better customers. There is a lot…

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Adulting Isn’t That Hard

Stop being a terrible human and avoiding that difficult conversation with your significant other or your business partner that you are unhappy. What follows next is usually bad decisions, self-sabotage, and a complete dumpster fire formally known as your successful life. Look, I’ve been through two nasty divorces and a horrendous break up, and I’ll tell you that all three could have been avoided had a difficult, but necessary, adult conversation taken place. If you’re not happy, tell your partner. Be mature. Talk it out. Leave emotion out of it. Figure out a solution. If not, you can part ways on good terms instead of getting caught trolling 20-something bartenders…

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Your Yearly Reminder of How to be More Awesome

1) Always overtip waitresses at breakfast diners. Always. No one works harder for less in the food industry IMHO. 2) Stop being a piece of shit. If you hold the door open for someone and they don’t thank you, which leads to you getting upset, you are a piece of shit. Do things for others without expecting a “thank you.” Do kind things because it is the right thing to do. 3) That thing you hate about yourself? That you blame your parents on? True, it is your parent’s fault for instilling that on you, but it is YOUR fault for staying that way. Rock on.

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F**k Yes or F**k No?

Before you wreck your life again in 2021, follow some simple advice I did a number of years ago from Mark Mason and reapplied after returning from Thailand in March which turned 2020 into a huge win for me. And 2021 can be for you. Today we aren’t just going to discuss business, but your family, friendships, and even your romantic life. You already know this, but sometimes you forget: they are ALL interwoven together. They are never separate. They bleed into each other. Embrace this and understand that when you take on relationships that are not good for you, it affects other areas. For example, if you have a…

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