UFYL: Failure – It Will Happen

I bleed Silver and Black, the colors of the Raiders. While they showed a resurgence in 2016, they regressed in 2017 and fired their coach. For the last 20 years or so they have sucked. And that’s being conservative. Stick with me; it will be worth it.

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UFYL: Glass Half Full, Half Empty, or…

There are many sayings which I get tired of hearing, and one is “Are you a glass half full, or half empty person.” If you can’t tell how a person is upon first meeting them, you need to work on your personal skills, because it is VERY apparent with anyone.

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UFYL: The Acid That is Anger

Okay, the “anon” is a lie. It’s a lyric from Def Leppard, and I didn’t want to admit it. While they are a cool band and I grew up listening to them, they are no Led Zeppelin. Blah.

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You Talk Too Much

Have you ever lost a deal that you thought you had in the bag and you couldn’t figure out why? I’m going to tell you. It’s because you talk too much.

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The Cost of Black Hat SEO, er, Buying Links

We know the value of your own PBN or access to a private PBN to help your rankings, but what do you do when you just want a link push without the hassle of getting more expired domains? You just want some nice authority?

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