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Colin Theriot: The Marketing Masterpiece

If you aren’t a member of Colin Theriot’s Facebook Group, The Cult of Copy, get your ass in there.

I knew Colin when he didn’t have a beard. Just a baby. But always a badass copywriter. Colin understood that life isn’t that complicated, and neither is your business.

This is brilliant advice from Colin:
[Business advice for my business friends]

Here is a brief list of advice that you could pay a “coach” a lot of money to tell you. Or you can just read it here and fill in the blanks yourself.

Enjoy and prosper.

  1. Raise your prices.
  2. Stop doing business with shit customers.
  3. Go after better customers.

There is a lot more nitty-gritty once you get into it. But in general, if you follow those three, you’ll start doing a lot better.

Bonus: Advanced advice.

  1. Simplify all processes to minimum viability.
  2. Record all processes to systematize.
  3. Hire people to do those processes cheaply.
  4. Scale-up on #3 above.

If you still want to pay someone five figures to tell you the same thing, I have a couple of spots available in my program. Contact me for details.

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