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Do You Like Your Privacy?

Do You Like Your Privacy?

When it comes to domain registration, don’t skimp out on privacy registration. Yeah, it’s often extra, but it’s like guac, it’s worth it.

We have a domain we are doing a new site build on and we’ve blocked it from search engines, but spammers and scammers are filling out our forms! How!?!?”

I get this call at least once a week. It’s because the WHOIS database, your registrar, etc. allows their public listings to be crawled, or they sell your info, as fast, or faster than Wells Fargo does.

It’s worth the extra $10 or so a year to forego the headaches.

  • Protect your personal information
  • Limit identity theft- prevent domain hijacking
  • Prevent spam calls, spam email, and junk mail
  • Prevent the annoying “market outreach”

And a ton more.

We have it on all of our domain. Even test domains.

Getting your domain hijacked could cost you thousands. Invest the $10.

Rock on.

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