The Easy Content Formula That Never Stops Working

The Easy Content Formula That Never Stops Working

Content. You need it. But it is a pain in the ass. It’s not only an endless task, but the worst part is figuring out WHAT to write. That is about to change as I’m going to teach you my formula for how to get the RIGHT topics to write about and how to get that content to go viral. No Black Hat strategy here, just plain ‘ol guerilla marketing at its finest.

This process works in ANY industry and if you can stay focused and have some balls, because you’re going to need them as you will piss off your competitors, here is how you do it:

  1. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, you are a stupid fuck. Get one already.
  2. Get 100 likes to the page. You should have enough friends to meet this requirement. Don’t do a Fiverr gig with fake likes. Don’t be a dick. Get real people. You’ll thank me later. Remember RCS (“Real Company Shit”).
  3. Once you have 100 likes, in your Page Manager you’ll get some new goodies in the Insights option. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and you’ll see “Pages to Watch.” This is where you can add other business pages to follow. This may not seem like much but is nothing short of awesome and this will be your new best friend when it comes to writing content. Review this every day that you write content. If you do this you will be a king and queen in no time. I shit you not.

3a. I am sure you are rushing to plug in every competitor you have. That’s cute. Okay, fine, put in your top three competitors, but that’s it. Why? Because your competitors suck at Facebook. They almost all do. This is just so you can keep tabs on them, but 97% of competitors are clueless when it comes to content that is engaging. So you are going to ignore them for the most part.

3b. Who should you follow instead? Follow the celebrities in your market or who are “the” influencers. Ones that have a ton of followers AND a ton of engagement. Engagement is the Holy Grail of content marketing. Facebook tells you all this. Facebook tells you so much about what you should be doing. All for free.

  1. So now what do you do? I’ll share with you an example. Back when I was selling health supplements on Amazon, I needed to grow my tribe. We were a small business, no one knew who we were. So I focused on not just a celebrity in the health industry, I picked the person with a huge following who was also a steaming pile of shit.

I chose Dr. Oz.

You see when you are a piece of shit, people that follow you aren’t always your fans. Sometimes they hate you. And deeply. A week didn’t go by that Dr. Oz posted something that was ridiculous. He made it too easy, and for that, I was a huge fan. <evil grin> Just looking at his engagement numbers, he is at 20k. That is helluva a lot of engagement and precisely what you need to get traction for your business.

  1. Facebook Insights will tell you all about the posts they have made in the last two weeks. They will show the actual post, the picture used, the content, the links, everything. You can see exactly what they did. You don’t care about how many likes each post had. You never should. What you want are comments and shares. The more, the better, because it means this topic IS IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW to his audience. And THAT is key. You want people talking about it and sharing it as that will expand your audience reach for free, which is always a good thing.
  2. So you find a post that he made that had 200 shares and 500 comments, and in the first paragraph you realize this is probably the worst advice ever. So you craft a clickbaity headline. Yeah clickbait is for dicks, and I hate it, but it works, and you want to do shit that works, right? So get over yourself and get good at writing clickbait headlines. It’s easy. If you don’t consider yourself a good headline writer, just rewrite the ones you see all over the web. There are plenty of examples. Or redo his slightly.

Currently, he has a Detox Guide that is shit (no pun intended). The comments on it are weak with 39, but it has more than 1k shares. That is the gold you want. Your first task is, of course, to make your offer better than his. Make a Detox Cheat Sheet that is just one page. Nothing to buy, no supplements, just common sense advice so they can feel a real difference and slam the 1-2 things Dr. Oz missed the boat on. Call him out by name. Back up what you say with test results, science, logic, etc. Seriously, this stuff will just write itself once you have a platform and a message to attack. You will be the hero of all those that read your post.

  1. Example: How Dr. Oz’s advice could hurt your health! You won’t believe the health hack in this free health cheat sheet.” Or something along those lines. Now, your article is going to debunk his advice and then tell them what they need to do instead. You are going to do this on ONE PAGE. And if you spread out your content over 15 pages to get three cent CPMs from ads you litter on your site; I will hunt you down and stab you in the eye. Knock that off. Don’t piss off your readers, give them an experience they won’t forget. Teach them something valuable without the hassle that other marketers do.

So, after they click your ad, the page they land on teaches them the ONE THING you promised to show them, and you didn’t ask for any personal information. You just gave them the information with no fluff, no filler. Then you have a link to get your cheat sheet. This ALSO is a ONE-PAGE. This cheat sheet must be professionally designed with the tips they need to get REAL results. Are you going to charge for this? No. Give it to them with no strings attached. That means no email signup, no extra hoops. Why? Because you aren’t going to be like the other marketers and you are going to win their trust.

“But don’t I want to give them my awesome 50-page eBook?” No, you do not. Let me ask you, how many gigs of “free ebook reports” do you have on your computer right now that you planned on “reading later” and never did? Yeah, thought so.

You want them to CONSUME your content, so they know how awesome you are and they didn’t have to disclose any personal information to get it. Believe me, in today’s shit bag of a marketplace, they will notice the difference.

What you are doing, however, is dropping your retargeting pixel to have your follow-up sequence hit them with your offer, and that is where you close them.

  1. So, how do you market this? Easy. Facebook. And can you guess who’s audience you are going to target? Ha ha. Yep.
  2. This is where you will have to have balls of steel and withstand the backlash because they will be assholes and you will have C&Ds sent to you. Withstand them. I was served with a C&D from Dr. Oz which was a petty bullshit request and complaint. How did I react? I scanned it and posted it on my site and then ran Facebook ads to it. Who’s audience did I target again? Yep. Had a lot of his fans backlash against him and became loyal members of our tribe.

You see, it is interesting when you point out bullshit with no agenda a lot of people grow an immediate affection for you. “I did what this person said, and I already feel better. What else do they know that could help me even more? All Dr. Oz wants to do is get me to buy a new weight loss supplement every six weeks.” And the polarization has begun.

  1. Now your content for SEO is a whole different animal that I could go on even a longer rant, so we will do that another time. But if you use sites like you will discover real questions people are asking, and if you answer those in your content, you start to rank for some cool shit. Get some great links, and you start to move up. You see, content for SEO these days is less about creating a page for every keyword you want to rank for like the old days. Today it is about long ass pages. I have some that are 25,000 words. But they never read the content because my call to action at the top of the page is so good they just take the offer. As Mark Joyner would say, The Irresistible Offer.

So the page I use to market this offer ranks for over 1800 keywords, and over 80% of the visitors never scroll down. They take the offer. That is what you want. Get your cold traffic into your funnel as fast as you can.

Stop fucking around and get shit done.

Rock on.

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