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F**k Yes or F**k No?

Before you wreck your life again in 2021, follow some simple advice I did a number of years ago from Mark Mason and reapplied after returning from Thailand in March which turned 2020 into a huge win for me.

And 2021 can be for you.

Today we aren’t just going to discuss business, but your family, friendships, and even your romantic life.

You already know this, but sometimes you forget: they are ALL interwoven together. They are never separate. They bleed into each other.

Embrace this and understand that when you take on relationships that are not good for you, it affects other areas. For example, if you have a toxic romantic life, your business will be negatively affected. Likewise, if you take on a toxic client, your romantic life will be negatively affected as well.

The saying “It’s not personal, it’s business” is bullshit.

You can’t be awesome if you are allowing for awful people to surround you in any part of your life. That is just common sense.The best advice I can give you today is never do anything just for the money. It will always come back to bite you.

Be selective, and be rewarded.

That isn’t “The Secret” or “Law of Attraction” BS. That is real work and not just something on your “dream board.” Focus on understanding what you want, your values, and exactly what you want in your life. By strong and respectful of yourself to filter out the garbage so only the right stuff comes through.

So, today, you are going to read an article that is primarily about romantic relationships, but you are going to apply it to family, friends, and business.

Imagine everything in your life you choose to do is a “F**k Yes.” There is no mediocrity.

It can happen.

Rock on.

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