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This Ain’t Reality TV


On my flight back from Prague last weekend (and if you haven’t been, go, it really kicks ass) I was too wound up to sleep and saw The Departed was one of the movie choices. I’m a guy. I’ve seen this movie at least 50 times.

One. More. Time.

It did not disappoint.

So what does this scene have to do with your online business? Nothing. It’s just a damn great scene. Nicholson is just … well, awesome.

But here is a take-away (so I lied about it not having a tie-in). And it isn’t “follow orders” or “follow directions” or something even so obvious as the Title of this post, “This ain’t reality TV.” Well, I take that back, the title is bad ass and not just because I wrote it but because Nicholson said it. This is your business, your life, it’s not Reality TV, so start treating it that way.

But I digress…let’s get back to the point of this scene. Why the marsh. Why not a dumpster, bury the body in the woods, leave in a back alley, abandoned house, etc. Why the marsh? Because with the summer heat in Boston, the snakes, rodents, fire ants, and other life living in the marsh, add in the elements and you’ll have bleached bones which can’t be identified in no time.

No trace of the identity. A dead end for the cops. It’s smart thinking. Knowing how to use the natural elements for your own benefit. Snakes, rodents, fire ants, etc. may look like “trash” to you … bottom feeders, but they have a distinct purpose.

So, what have you dumped in the marsh? Have you taken the proper steps to protect yourself? Cover your tracks? Leave the right clues for your competitors to find while protecting the stuff you don’t want them to see?

Let’s run through this. If you are doing ANY type of link building in a competitive area, you are probably using a PBN and hopefully you are using your own. The LAST thing you want to do is focus SOLEY on those links without anything else.


Because since you are going to be using LinkPrivacy to hide your PBN from your competitors, when they do a backlink check, they will find very little, if any, links to your site. This would be a bad thing and raise major suspicion. What you want to do is do a little checking of your own. Find the backlinks your competitors have in common, get links there (usually directories, business listings, groups, etc.) and get links there. Even do a few spammy ones too.


You want your competitors to find some stuff because if you rank #1 with 7 links they will know you are up to something. Be smart. Cover your tracks. Build more sites.

Rock on.

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