Motivation Factor Index Quiz

Motivation Factor Index Quiz

What Motivates You?
What has kept you from succeeding in your life and career? The following quiz is designed to help you identify what motivates you and target areas that may be holding you back. Often business success is not about having the right information about your industry; it is about having the right information about yourself.

While this quiz is designed to show you your strengths and weaknesses, you should focus on your strengths while UNDERSTANDING your weaknesses. Don't kid yourself into thinking you can make your biggest weakness your strength.

That's just garbage in my book.

By understanding and accepting your weaknesses, you can attract those who are strong in those areas while you focus on making your strengths even better. You can't be great in everything, those who think they can often wind up never reaching their potential.

Okay, let me review for you what the Motivation Factor Index (MFI) quiz is designed to:

  • Find what motivates you
  • Target areas that are holding you back
  • Create an awareness to lead you to success

Ready to Begin Finding Your MFI?

Key Points to Remember:

  • Each question or statement will have a series of comments or words for you to consider.
  • You must assign a unique number for each comment according to your current preference and enter that number in the field provided. There can only be one 6, one 5, one 4 and so on for each question.
  • Rating Scale: Six (6) is the most descriptive and one (1) the least descriptive of your preference
  • Question 8 may appear different, but it isn't. Do not give each word its own number. Give each group its own number.
  • There are no wrong answers and each question should be answered honestly.

If you have a business partner, have them take the survey as well.  Be sure to take it individually and do not discuss your answers prior to or during the questionnaire.  This is important for accurate results.

Motivation Factor Index Survey

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1. What I most want to accomplish for my clients and/or customers are:
  • To get the work/project done
  • To be accurate and thorough in my work
  • To achieve the agreed goals for them
  • To educate and help them
  • To startle, amaze and entertain them
  • To solve their problems

2. What I like most about my work is:
  • Gathering and analyzing information
  • Rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands into it
  • Making sure it comes out right
  • Coordinating everything to reach the goal
  • Seeing people grow and change for the better
  • Creating something new and original

3. The way I want to relate to my clients and customers are:
  • I like to watch their reactions after I'm done
  • I want to find out what they need and bring back the right solution
  • I don't really need to relate to them; just let me do the job my way
  • I want them to tell me how they want it done; I'll follow-through
  • I want to call the shots; I know what they need to do
  • I want to help and support them any way I can

4. The way I feel about marketing is:
  • Just let me explain to them how I can help and how much I care
  • I'm too involved with my work to think about marketing
  • Just tell me the problem, and I can give them the facts
  • I want my work to speak for itself
  • If they will tell me what they need, I can take it from there
  • I love the chance to convince people what I can do

5. How do you know how to proceed with a project?
  • I know what needs to be done so get out of my way
  • Together we will find the way
  • I find the inspiration
  • I analyze the facts
  • I just do it
  • My client tells me what they want done

6. If I have a choice about how to market I'd rather:
  • Listen to my client
  • Sell my client
  • Inform my client with facts and stats
  • Create a sample for my client to review
  • Investigate the needs of my client
  • Demonstrate what I can do for my client

7. If given a choice, I would rather work with:
  • Tools and machines
  • Numbers and figures
  • People in groups or organizations
  • One person one-on-one
  • Materials
  • Information and Facts

8. Rank the group of activities that most appeal to you:
  • Observe, learn, investigate, evaluate, problem-solve, analyze, study
  • Fix, build, construct, plant, repair, make, tinker
  • Compute, calculate, follow-through, comply, conform, complete, produce results
  • Lead, influence, persuade, perform, command, manage, direct
  • Inform, enlighten, help, teach, heal, develop, support
  • Innovate, create, imagine, explore, fantasize, intuit, sense

Thank you for your time in answering these questions. It will greatly help you better understand yourself, your motivation, and your possible stumbling blocks.

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