Motivation Factor Index Explained

Motivation Factor Index Explanation

Here are how the results of your Motivation Factor Index are to be interpreted:

The highest scoring style is your Strong Suit, it is what you are most comfortable doing.

The second is your Booster Suit, your second most comfortable style.

The third highest is your Stretch Suit. It is not nearly as comfortable as the others, but still very do-able. Although you may have to stretch yourself and move outside your comfort zone.

It is probable that you will find yourself fluctuating between styles at different points in your personal and professional life so it is a good idea to become familiar with all of the Motivation Factors.

Click on the links below to review the Motivation Factors:

Hands on Approach

Those who take Hands on Approach have a natural ability when it comes to how to build and assemble things, which includes actual physical products and software programs. Most of the time, all they need to do is get their hands on it to come to an understanding of how to accomplish the task.

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Idea Machine

Idea Machines are idea generators that work and think outside of the box. They are motivated by the creativity and inspiration that can, and does, come at any moment. Anything can trigger the idea generator, flooding the mind with endless possibilities.

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Natural Teacher

Natural Teachers are “people persons” and have the ability to connect with others rather quickly. People feel relaxed and more easily take their guard down around Natural Teachers than they will with others. Devotion and loyalty are key traits why this occurs.

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Aims to Win

Those who Aim to win are self-starters who are motivated by their own goals and inner vision. You believe in yourself and what needs to be done. The confidence you have in yourself and your knowledge of the steps needed to accomplish a project creates clarity and allows you to move forward passionately.

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Goal Oriented

The Goal Oriented ooperates best in an organized structure. You feel most comfortable when someone tells you what is needed and how to do it. You are likely a good listener as you seek instruction and guidance. In this case, you are the perfect employee.

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Fact Finder

You are a naturally inquisitive thinker and investigator. You tend to employ, deliberately or intuitively, a systematic and structured method when resolving questions, concerns, and issues. Fact Finders are energetic, ambitious and meticulous as they pull out all the stops to gain proficiency and understanding.

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