Aims to Win

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Aims to Win

Motivating Factor: The challenging opportunity to win.
Mantra: I'll make it happen.

Characteristics of one who Aims to Win:
Those who Aim to win are self-starters who are motivated by their own goals and inner vision. You believe in yourself and what needs to be done. The confidence you have in yourself and your knowledge of the steps needed to accomplish a project creates clarity and allows you to move forward passionately.

Use your Business Journal to keep tabs on your inner vision and your plan of action for success.

You thrive when challenged or faced with competition and the opportunity to win. You enjoy running your own business; because it allows you to be in control, feel challenged, and coordinate activities to realize your goals. In order to keep focused, set goals to make sure your passion has a direction, and review your goals on a daily basis.

The opportunity to convince others of your inner vision is intriguing to you. Your confidence can inspire others to believe in you, your cause and themselves. You believe in your ability to guide and supervise, and enjoy organizing others to rally around the cause and achieve the goals. With this you can create a team that is both united and successful.

Be certain to challenge yourself and give yourself an opportunity to win daily. This will satisfy your motivation and your deep desires.

Possible Shortcomings for those who Aim to Win:
Your inner vision may be so strong that you may not listen to others. This refusal to listen may also be a result of thinking that you are "right" all or most of the time. Don't forget there can be more than one solution to a given problem. You may only have one of the "right" answers.

Learn to be a better listener. Review other's opinions even when they do not agree with your own. They may still have value.

Keep your competitive nature in check. If you don't, you may set up a Win-Lose situation where you will lose, as well as members of your team. Loyalty is very important to you, but loyalty runs both ways in a relationship. Make sure your team wins with you.

You will most likely not win all the time. If you don't already know how, learn to lose graciously and not blame others. Evaluate what went wrong and learn from your mistakes.

Possible Fear:
Fear of Failure:

As one who Aims to Win, you enjoy a good competition but hate the thought of losing. Your mind speak is to always "Do Better". For you, there is no glory in second place. Second place is the first loser, and that is not you...or is it?

What To Do: Manage your time wisely. Your business journal is another critical piece. With your business journal, do a brain dump of all your ideas to succeed. Listen to your peers. They may have valuable insights you had not yet thought of.

As one who Aims to Win, and as a person, you may have to face more than one fear. Be sure to check the other fears out. They may offer insight to help you experience even more successes.

Your confidence and quest for challenges make direct sales an easy Marketing strategy for you.

Ideas for Novice Marketers:

  • Call people on the phone or even drop by their offices or places they gather.
  • Network.
  • Join and assume a leadership role in two or three key organizations.

Ideas for Intermediary Marketers:

  • Do sales seminars, speeches, podcasts and classes that show off and educate.
  • Write articles for ezines or publish your own newsletters and trade publications that help establish you as a leader in your field.

Ideas for Advanced Marketers:

  • Launching an aggressive publicity campaign on radio, TV, newspapers, Ezines or podcasts.
  • Have your own radio or cable television show.
  • Write a book that positions you as a leading authority.