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Fact Finder

Motivating Factor: The feeling of competency.
Mantra: I will figure it out.

Characteristics of a Fact Finder
You are a naturally inquisitive thinker and investigator. You tend to employ, deliberately or intuitively, a systematic and structured method when resolving questions, concerns, and issues.  Fact Finders are energetic, ambitious and meticulous as they pull out all the stops to gain proficiency and understanding.

Fact Finders rarely go into something without having all the answers. You strive to understand the subject you are studying in its entirety. As a result, you are thorough in your research approach. You will gather information from more than one source and analyze the data to ensure you have the perfect solution. In the process of your research, you may come up with your own innovative insights and contributions.

You are a valuable resource for your clients and your business. You are searching out facts, figures and information, you tend to be a good listener, ask the right questions and search out all possible avenues. This trait allows Fact Finders to have the ability to discriminate between similar problems, which in turn, allows for better, more customized solutions.

For example:
Overall Problem: The pages of my site are not being spidered or indexed by Google.

As you know, there could be many reasons why a site is not being spidered or indexed by Google. A Fact Finder would be thorough in their approach to search out and correct the culprit.

Possible Shortcomings of a Fact Finder:
You are thirsty for information; you may get into analysis paralysis. Don't get caught up into the endless quest for perfection or procrastinate what you need to do because you are over studying the problem or subject.

One can study Google for years and never be perfect in predicting what their next algorithm will be. In fact, through their constant study of the algorithm and data, they may miss out on capitalizing on many opportunities to increase earnings and/or ranking now and later, if the predictions are incorrect.

Once you acquire the information, you may find yourself talking over people’s heads. Be aware that not all people share your enthusiasm for technical jargon or have your same background. Keep explanations simple and don’t make things more complex, technical, detailed, or difficult than they need to be.

If you are guilty of any of the above, you will want to:

Give Yourself Time: Provide yourself with ample time to figure things out. Allow for time to practice running through your presentations so you can be sure your phrasing is appropriate and you are not talking over or under your audience’s ability to understand. Be careful not to provide yourself with so much time that you get distracted from other responsibilities.

Create a Plan of Action: Fact Finders are inclined to be good at forming solutions in their heads. Yet, they struggle with implementation. A clear plan of action will assist in applying what you learn to implement fixes or new projects and see them through without procrastination.

Business Journal: Use it. It will keep you focused. If you don’t, you will find yourself frustrated and won't get anything done as you hop from one problem to another.

Possible Causes: 

  • Caught in the Google Supplemental Index
  • www vs. non-www
  • Moved htm files to html without using Mod_rewrite
  • Disallow tag in the .htaccess file
  • Hollow Spidering
  • Banned by Google

The solution to any one or more of the causes above would not be the same. If the site were banned, you would have to go through the steps of reinclusion. If there was a disallow tag in the .htaccess file, you would simply need to remove the tag.

Finding the source of the real problem and providing a customized solution is a great asset to the Fact Finder. If you have clients, this leads to greater client satisfaction. If you do not have clients, this leads to greater business success.

To enhance your positive traits, be sure to use your Business Journal. When brainstorming and researching, take good notes and be sure to write down any questions you may have. Writing things down will enable you to remember points of interest, understand how things work, see how things should be done, and answer further questions.

As you gain skills and expertise through your research and problem solving, use it to your advantage in marketing and public relations.

Possible Fear:
Fear of Failure

Ever the perfectionist, no matter how good something is in reality, it is never that great to you. Your mind speak is "Do Better!" Yet, you can never reach your goal because you must know everything before starting a project.

What To Do: Time management is critical for you and you must get a grasp on it. Give yourself time to figure things out. Be sure that you schedule in when you will start working on the project. Your business journal is another critical piece. With your business journal, do a brain dump of your tasks, and list a step-by-step process on how you are going to overcome your current situation or how you will finish your project and then plan your attack in full step-by-step detail. Leave no detail out. These two together will help you to avoid analysis paralysis.

As a Fact Finder, you may also have other fears blocking your path to new heights of success. Learn more about yourself and how to over come your fears by becoming familiar with all of them.

It is no secret that you will feel most comfortable taking a scientific approach to marketing. You are capable of doing your own market research and testing various methods statistically.

Ideas for Novice Marketers:

  • Use direct mail and direct response marketing.
  • Engage in one-on-one consultations to review problems and provide your expertise.
  • Consider listing in directories where people turn to locate experts.

Ideas for Intermediary Marketers:

  • Boost your business by connecting with respected gatekeepers and mentors.
  • Present papers at trade and professional associations and organizations.
  • Publish articles online and offline and prepare information brochures and newsletters that help people understand the complexities of what you do in simple terms.

Ideas for Advanced Marketers:

  • Teach seminars and classes to others, potential clients included.
  • Consider capitalizing on your PR advantages as an expert.
  • Conduct surveys in order to market your service effectively.
  • Promote with news releases summarizing the findings and put yourself in a position to be interviewed as an expert.