Idea Machine

Motivation Factor Index

Idea Machine

Motivating Factor: Inspiration and Creation.
Mantra: I am unique in every way.

Characteristics of an Idea Machine:
Idea Machines are idea generators that work and think outside of the box. They are motivated by the creativity and inspiration that can, and does, come at any moment. Anything can trigger the idea generator, flooding the mind with endless possibilities. These possibilities may lead to a career in arts and crafts, creating unique breakthroughs, and even unconventional ideas.

Idea Machines should always have their Business Journal handy to write down ideas in moments of inspiration. This will allow them to reconsider, sift through, and prioritize their future projects.

The projects chosen to move forward with can be engaging as ways to express inner vision in a unique manner is sought out. To ensure that imagination can flow uninterrupted, working alone is preferred.

When the creation is complete, it stands out from the rest as striking and original. The Idea Machine enjoys stepping back and taking it all in, including client reactions to the masterpiece.

As your creativity flows from you, you become idealistic, imaginative, expressive, and witty. This energy and motivation gives you courage and expression to step out from the rest and do things in your unique way, which in turn, allow you to thrive and cultivate your creation. Others will see you as talented, interesting, and free spirited. Anything is possible, and there is never a dull moment around you.

This dynamic, creative energy and product is remembered and gives you a definite marketing advantage.

Possible Shortcomings of an Idea Machine:
While in moments of creativity or revelation, you can be highly animated, energized, and out-going. You may, however, have a tendency to become introverted and hope your work attracts the attention instead of you.  This makes it difficult to promote yourself as a solution to a need or a want.

As you are an idea generator, the old ideas may not seem as intriguing as the new ideas, and you may become restless and lose interest in current working projects. This behavior may cause you to start various projects, but finish only a few. You may even find yourself finishing a project, but having no interest in promoting it.

Your main challenge will be to create a sense of organization, reliability and trustworthiness in your business image while preserving your freedom.

Use your journal as a place to focus your mind and energy. Revisit it often to re-kindle the fire of passion and revelation you felt when starting each project, this will encourage you to follow through.

Learn to develop written plans of action or road maps for you to complete your creative ideas and express your unique gifts of thinking outside the box.

Manage yourself with healthy discipline. Set goals with realistic deadlines and follow through. Rid yourself of the plague of perfectionism.

Possible Fear:
Fear of Rejection/Criticism

Your head speak is "What if I am not good enough?" or, more specifically "What if my creation is not good enough?". The fear of whether or not your creation will be accepted may cause you to be a closet inventor and not show your work. An attack on your finished work or your style of working is an attack on you, and this is something you cannot bear the thought of.

What To Do: Get back to the basics of what you like - not what others like, but what you like. Seek after those things that you have a passion for. Go back to your core values. Remember, things you neglect will go away. For example, if you ignore a relationship, your loved one will go away. If you ignore your car payment, your car will go away. So focus on what is most important - this is huge for the Idea Machine. Use your Business Journal to help you create that focus.

As an Idea Machine, you may also find that other fears are blocking your success. Be sure to check out the other fears.

Your inclination as an Idea Machine will be to show your work and let it speak for and sell itself.

Ideas for Novice Marketers:

  • Create a booth or display for trade shows, exhibits, and expos.
  • Provide demonstrations, donations, or free consultations for others to experience your work.
  • Have a sample of your work with you wherever you go. Use it to introduce yourself.

Ideas for Intermediary Marketers:

  • Create newsletters, brochures, and other graphic and written materials that showcase your work.
  • Send out creative and original news releases featuring your work and/or new products.

Ideas for Advanced Marketers:

  • Network to further show off your samples and materials.
  • Build relationships with gatekeepers and mentors and provide ways for them to promote your work.
  • Arrange to be featured on radio, television, and/or podcasts talking about and showing your work.