Natural Teacher

Motivation Factor Index

Natural Teacher

Motivating Factor: To make a difference
Mantra: I can make the world a better place.

Characteristics of a Natural Teacher:
Natural Teachers are "people persons" and have the ability to connect with others rather quickly. People feel relaxed and more easily take their guard down around Natural Teachers than they will with others. Devotion and loyalty are key traits why this occurs. Those who come in contact with the Natural Teacher tend to view them as genuinely interested and caring, and that is precisely what they are.

Natural Teachers regularly lend an empathetic ear, and their intuition allows them to "read between the lines" of what is spoken to interpret the person's true feelings and attitudes. They are then able to communicate in a capable and effective manner. Using this innate ability to communicate. The Natural Teacher builds relationships of trust where both parties benefit equally.

Natural Teachers are naturals at teaching, informing, supporting, improving and enlightening others. They are passionate about helping others to grow and improve themselves physically, mentally, spiritually, and/or emotionally. Their desire to progress themselves may lie in how it will allow them to benefit the lives of others at the same time. Bringing the same desire for excellence they have for others into their own business and personal life is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for Natural Teachers.

Natural Teachers tend to go the extra mile and are quite willing to reach out and serve. Their yearning to lend a hand to others, in appropriate ways, can be refreshing to many and a great advantage in the marketing space. Finding ways to channel their passion to make a positive difference in their business is a constant struggle.

Possible Shortcomings of a Natural Teacher:
Natural Teachers tend to be self-effacing. The last time someone gave them a compliment they usually deny it rather than accept it graciously. Most Natural Teachers underestimate themselves, their abilities, their talents and their gifts. If you underestimate yourself, your strong desire to help others may lead you to undercharge or give away your products, services, or resources for free or at steep discounts. While you may feel this is helping others, all it is doing is reinforcing in them you aren't worth very much and shouldn't be taken seriously.

Natural Teachers need to be careful of those who surround them. Ensure the relationships are such that both parties benefit and give equally. Natural Teachers who are being sucked dry of their resources, goals, and ambitions, or if they are not getting their responsibilities done, they must learn to say "No" appropriately.

For example, you have created a deadline for an article you are writing. This article will better your business by informing your potential customers of a solution to their need and will result in more qualified traffic to your site. You are making great progress when suddenly your phone rings. It's your friend. He/she just had a fight with their significant other over squeezing the toothpaste from the bottom instead of the top. They begin to vent without asking if you are free.

Your desire to listen and provide support is strong. You glance at the clock and see your deadline is clicking closer. Times passes and you glance again. Now you are five minutes from your deadline, your article is only half finished and your friend is still talking.

Five minutes into the conversation, approximately forty-five minutes ago, would have been the appropriate time to say, “Friend, I am in the middle of something. May I call you back in an hour or so?”

If they are a true friend, they will understand and be able to recite the fascinating tale of inappropriate squeezing of toothpaste when you call back.

However, the best option would be when you have a deadline is to send all calls to voice mail until your project is complete. There is a big reason why voice mail was created and that is the biggest one. Use it.

Set reasonable and specific goals and follow through. One goal may be to allow yourself time to write in your Business Journal. You will find that writing will refresh you and create clarity of thought. Goals will ensure your business is not taking a back burner to less important things, like toothpaste.

Take the initiative and make yourself and your product known to those who may be interested. Do not procrastinate or think you will bother or interrupt them, or that they will contact you when they are ready. If you need help, ask. If you think a business can use your product, call them.

Possible Fear:
Fear of Success

You are a people pleaser, you may be afraid to succeed. You may fear that others will not like you anymore, think you are unworthy of the praise, or think you are selfish because you went after something for yourself. You may even believe those things are true.

In fact, when you do succeed, you look at what you have done and immediately put it down or refuse credit for your accomplishment.

What To Do:
Use all of your tools (Business Journal, time management, to-do list) to create a clear plan of action, and then put your plan in writing. Follow through, focus on achievement, and believe in yourself. You are good enough, strong enough, and people do like you.

As a Natural Teacher you may also suffer from the Fear of Rejection/Criticism or Fear of Failure. Be sure to check these out with the other fears.

People have a natural inclination to trust you; therefore, reaching out, listening, communicating, and one-on-one problem solving is your strong suit in marketing.

Ideas for Novice Marketers:

  • Offer free introductory private consultations.
  • Establish relationships with gatekeepers and mentors.
  • Cultivate referrals from past clients.

Ideas for Intermediary Marketers:

  • Meet more people through networking, give speeches, and teach.
  • Participate in seminars and classes where people can meet and come to trust you.
  • Publish or post news releases related to your work.

Ideas for Advanced Marketers:

  • Do direct sales. Think of them as a consultation where you help people.
  • Consider having your own radio show, cable television call-in or talk show or podcast.