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How I Gained 28% More Traffic With One Simple Tweak

“Speed Kills” is a phrase that has been used for what seems like forever. And yes, I am using it in reverse, in that a lack of speed with your site will kill your traffic.

How bad will a slow site kill your traffic?

Google will tell you.

No, seriously, they will.

They updated their speed tool last week while I was on my “world tour” and after testing it I have to say it is less of an “estimate” and pretty accurate as I purposely messed up some of my sites and the traffic I lost because of the lack of speed was very close to Google’s estimates.

Do this. Like, right now. Some of my sites had as much as 28% loss of traffic. That is significant ESPECIALLY if you are doing any paid traffic to your site. It’s like owning a boat. Just flush those dollars right down the toilet.

It isn’t hard to fix. Usually, it is just a few small things and the report from Google or using GTMetrix for a “second opinion” will do the trick. There are plenty of tutorials you can find with some simple Google searches to give you the information you need to implement the recommendations that are suggested.

Want a shortcut?

We have a comprehensive training section that goes over how to implement many of these advanced techniques, so you don’t have to waste your time with endless searches and hoping you are getting the right information instead of being led down another road of a Mindcrime.

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