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UFYL: Glass Half Full, Half Empty, or…

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There are many sayings which I get tired of hearing, and one is “Are you a glass half full, or half empty person.” If you can’t tell how a person is upon first meeting them, you need to work on your personal skills, because it is VERY apparent with anyone.

I will never tell you the reason you fail or struggle in your life is you don’t have the right mindset. Really. What the **** does that really mean?

I will tell you what you lack, and that is perspective.

It isn’t about being positive or negative; it is knowing that every problem, has a solution. It isn’t your outlook; it is your reality. This is why the realistic person turns a partially filled glass of water into awesomeness with ice and whiskey.

Instead of looking at the negative in a situation, what is one thing you can do to change it for the better? Change your perspective. Change your life. And it could be that to make the change; you tell someone to “piss off.” They may see you as a negative person.

And they would be wrong.

Let me share with you an example. It focuses on the late Don Rickles and the late Frank Sinatra. Jimmy Kimmel tells the story on the day that Rickles passed away. While humorous, it is proof that difficult situations can change into a positive with just seven words.

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