Private Consulting With Jerry West

Private Consulting With Jerry West

Are You Stuck? Frustrated? Or Ready To Kill Someone?!?! Jerry can help.
Well, not with the killing of someone…

Get The Help You Need.

Comprehensive Site Review & Action Plan

This is not just for SEO but your site as a whole. Jerry has been consulting, building, and fixing sites to earn more revenue and build stronger customer bases since 1996 - that's nearly thirty years.

Here are you will get:

  • A review and recommendations on how to improve your site's design, flow, Calls To Action (what makes you money), and if your site is delivering the right message to attract the customers you want, and to filter out those you don't.
  • Competitive analysis to ensure your product, services, and pricing are in line with the current market and where you could be losing out on a large amount of sales. Often, raising your prices with the right sales copy will greatly increase your conversions.
  • Using unique data analysis, Jerry will pinpoint the exact keywords to target to bring you the targeted and branded traffic that will produce the biggest benefits to your site and increase your net revenue.
  • Your site is tested on desktop and mobile for performance, including speed and readability
  • A video explaining the top priorities of Jerry's findings, how to fix the issues, and most importantly, how to keep your site in top condition.
  • If you follow the advice, you'll get more traffic to your site and make more money. That's guaranteed.


Once you've completed the checkout process, you'll be brought to a confirmation page where you can submit your info and schedule a time with Jerry.

Rock on.