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How **The Heroin Diaries** Can Better Your Business

How The Heroin Diaries Can Better Your Business

In Nikki Sixx’s recovery, he learned a vital lesson. Because he used in the same places, with the same people, and around the same time a day, his body became conditioned.

This isn’t just true with hard drugs like heroin. It’s also true with alcohol.

When these familiar situations are present, because of the conditioning, your body starts to prepare for what it knows is coming.

The cravings for the drugs becomes near impossible to resist.

Sixx refers to the craving as “The Girl With Golden Eyes.

How he won: He changed up his routine, and hung around non-users.

Sixx described the change by being caught in quicksand. He had to have an enormous amount of patience to get out.

Nikki Sixx

Much is the same with your business and your routines. If you find you are struggling with a project, change up your routine.

This is why a simple trip to a different coffee shop or away from your office can be a boost to your productivity.

It shakes up your “conditioning.”

As my grandfather Golden would say,

If you want change in your life, change your surroundings and your routine.”

That reminds me of something else my grandfather said when I was ten and struggling with math,

If you want to give up a bad habit, make friends with people who don’t have that habit. And if you want to be better at math, make friends with the kids who are good at math.”

The process is that simple, but getting your mind to go along with it initially will be difficult, as you will be met with resistance, much in the same way Nikki was.

But he did it and you can too.

Rock on.

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