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The 6 Step System I’m Using To Rank in Even the Most Brutal Markets

The 6 Step System I’m Using To Rank in Even the Most Brutal Markets

Black hat is BACK!

This is the simple, effective system I’m using to rank in even the most brutally competitive markets.

  1. Before you begin SEO, you want to know which keywords CONVERT to your offer, so you don’t waste time, effort and money. Run PPC to your site. You can get keywords to target by using tools such as SEMRush or Ahrefs.
  2. Start your SEO with the keyword that makes you the most profit. Edit that landing page, work the keyword into the Title like you would a paid ad. Make it compelling. Same with the description. Next, make a great CTA above the fold – do a variation of the title in your H1 tag to focus on the conversion.
  3. Get the right content. I mention Hummingbird. You can get my course on it here. It is dirt cheap. You’ll use Answer The Public and also “People also ask” boxes in Google to come up with the questions you need to answer in your content. Don’t create a page for each keyword, instead, you are doing one page that will rank well for dozens, possibly hundreds of keywords.
  4. Next are links. I suggested to buy links, and this advice is spot on. You need authority, and if you want to “earn it on your own,” it will take you years. Market yourself. Find authoritative sites, contact them, and get links. If you are an SEORev member, check the Facebook Group more on where to get these kind of links.
  5. PBN. This stands for Private Blog Network. This process has to do with buying expired domains, repurposing them, and then using them to deliver links to your site. This is an extra asset that you build which you can sell down the line.
  6. GSA is a software tool that can get you thousands, if not tens of thousands of links to your site. While I don’t suggest that, but using the tool correctly to get a verified list of precisely the types of sites you want and then drip the links from 5-15 per day across your pages will see the site gain ground consistently. This tool can run 24/7.

Parting Shot: Any SEO or agency that states the above does not work and can get your site deindexed has NEVER actually done the above. It works. Consistently. And can build your business fast.

One last thing. A key component in SEO and business is branding. I highly suggest you follow Desislava Dobreva. Her simple techniques and strategies have added a lot of revenue to our projects over the last year.

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