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UFYL: What if there is no “Next Time?”

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I’ve been in this business a long time and have seen a lot of people start and quit because they hold onto the thought that, “If this doesn’t work, there will be another opportunity.”

While that’s optimistic in a way, it’s also a recipe for failure.

Stop looking at Plan B and focus entirely on your current Plan A.

Look at your past failure(s) and I can bet that you didn’t give it your all, you had one foot in and one foot out. You know it’s true. It’s one of the biggest reasons why people fail in this business. They by a course, don’t complete it. They hire a mentor, don’t follow their advice. They hire an outsourcer and don’t properly train them.

Do you get it now?

Do you understand that nearly every failure is because you didn’t give all to the project? That ends now.

Get your business journal (you have one, right?), and write down why you put things off, what your fears are, what is holding you back. Once you finish writing, walk away for a half hour. Get outside and do something non-work related. Come back, get your business journal and read out loud what you wrote down.

Can you see how it sounds like total bullshit? You are lying to yourself! Drifting. You know better, but you keep the fake positive “next project” attitude.

You are lazy and indifferent. Let Napoleon Hill explain what that is doing to you:

Laziness + Indifference = Procrastination = Drifting

The Devil says: “I cause people to allow me to do their thinking for them because they are too lazy and too indifferent to think for themselves.”

This is from Outwitting the Devil, which is an absolute MUST READ and one that I will often be quoting in this series of UnF**king Yourself.

You are more than what you have become. Take the step today to stop being lazy and cease to be indifferent and give all to your project today. And tomorrow. And the day after that.

In as soon as a week you’ll be amazed at how successful your project became.

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