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Anthony Hopkins Hands Out Fava Bean-Like Advice

Anthony Hopkins Hands Out Fava Bean-Like Advice

The acting prowess of Anthony Hopkins’ is legendary. His simplistic life advice is equal in comparison.

When asked in an interview what he could share from his 79 years on this earth, he answered,

“Keep going, never give up.”

Before you dismiss the above as the same old celebrity trash advice, Hopkins had a different spin.

He discussed the negative stories we create in our heads when we get discouraged.

This leads us to forget how far we have come.

Hopkins recounted many times throughout his career when he would get discouraged. A few times he felt overwhelmed and nearly quit.

For this purpose Hopkins carried a picture of himself when he was a little boy, so he could look at the picture in times of discouragement, and look at that young boy and say to him,

“We did okay kid; we did okay.”

Your assignment today is to find an old picture of yourself as a child.

Save it to your phone.

So the next time you’re discouraged, you can look at that old picture of yourself and think about how far you’ve come.

And you can tell yourself

“We did okay kid, we did okay,” and you can keep going.

Rock on.

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