The President Who Lied and Manipulated The Media To Get Elected (It’s Not Who You Think!)

Last week while briefly vacationing in the Northeast and eating my body weight in lobster (because I can), I was searching out some historical sites to see, and my jaw dropped. The home of Frankin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States. Unless you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ve probably never heard of him. Spoiler alert: He was a piece of shit president, probably the worst in the history of the United States, however, he has probably the greatest story of becoming president. And in lies a marketing lesson which you can use. I must say the tour of the home was fascinating and I drove the tour…

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Ogilvy’s Top 8 Tips for Business Owners

It’s Monday morning and as I am fueling on coffee and nootripics, let’s reach into David Ogilvy’s bag of tricks on how to make you and your agency more awesome. It doesn’t matter the size of your agency, as in our industry, it’s always ripe for office politics and other bullshit that should have stopped happening in junior high. The energy it takes to deal with the drama is better served driving revenue. So, it is YOUR job to put a stop to it before it starts…or minimize the damage when it hits you. I have seen agencies implode. Don’t let this happen to you. You’ve worked too hard to…

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Ogilvy’s Top 3 Evergreen Lessons

David Ogilvy is a bad ass. Plain and simple. He’s not known as “the father of advertising” for nothing. I once paid major dollars for a site that Ogilvy’s agency linked to. It is one of my favorite domains for that very reason. Much can be learned and used in the SEO/SEM community from David Ogilvy’s time in advertising.

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This Ain’t Reality TV

  On my flight back from Prague last weekend (and if you haven’t been, go, it really kicks ass) I was too wound up to sleep and saw The Departed was one of the movie choices. I’m a guy. I’ve seen this movie at least 50 times. One. More. Time. It did not disappoint. So what does this scene have to do with your online business? Nothing. It’s just a damn great scene. Nicholson is just … well, awesome. But here is a take-away (so I lied about it not having a tie-in). And it isn’t “follow orders” or “follow directions” or something even so obvious as the Title of…

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